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The first founding President, Raphael Victor Vera Cruz Santiago, armored the vision of providing a specialty-nursing practice in the Philippines. It was in the year 2015 that an informal meeting was held to discuss concerns regarding the establishment of an association for dermatology and aesthetic nurses. This meeting brought out a small but special association called, Philippine Association of Nurse Specialists for Aesthetics (PANSA). The following year, in July, 2016, the PANSA amended its name to Philippine Nurses Association for Aesthetic Practice (PNAAP).

With this change, the now, PNAAP worked for its first batch of graduates of Certificate Program in Aesthetic Nursing held on July 3, 2016 at Sulo Riviera Hotel. In regard to this achievement, on October, 2016, PNAAP was able to receive an approved application for Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration with an endorsement from the PRC Board of Nursing and was officially changed its association name to Association of Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines (AANP).

On December, 2017 the Associations Nursing Career Progression and the Philippine Professional Nursing Practice Standards were presented at the Professional Regulation Commission-Board of Nursing. The increasing demand of mobility towards employment, skills enhancement, technical and continuing education have been pivotal principles in the development of the association. In 2018, AANP included the practice of Dermatology in its program and with this amendment, AANP gave birth to its new name, Association of Dermatologist and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines (ADANP).

In addition, in December, 2018, ADANP held its first accredited PRC Continuing Professional Development seminar-workshop on Optimizing the Role of a Dermatology Aesthetic Nurse: An Introductory Course to Dermatology and Aesthetic Nursing Practice. With the increased clamor for the specialty program development, ADANP was awarded with a certificate as a Specialty Organization from PRC Board of Nursing for initially complying with the prescribed requirements for recognition.

ADANP is also working for its new program, the Masters of Science in Nursing major in Dermatology and Aesthetic. The first ever annual convention was held on November 23, 2019 at the Club Filipino in San Juan City.

From the informal meeting that once happened in 2015, ADANP today is taking pride as the noble work of the organization has been continuously persistent in the advancement of training and practice that entails directives in pursuing the standards of advanced nurse practitioners in dermatology and aesthetic.


To lead the Filipino nurses in providing an advanced quality of care, through competency-based practice, in dermatology and aesthetic nursing.


To empower and uplift Filipino nurse’s professional practice standards independently in providing patient care and safety in dermatology and aesthetic nursing.

Core Values

Excellence as the pioneer training organization for dermatology and aesthetic nursing, the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines pursues, first and foremost, world-class quality education, training, research and is committed to the cultivation of excellent nurses, through competent clinical dermatology and aesthetic nurse practitioners and top-of-the-line methodologies.

Integrity the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines ensures its integrity through strong relationships with local and international organizations in providing and establishing the forefront of specialty program practice in the Philippines and the whole of Asia.

Professionalism the Association of Dermatology Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines is, in its essence, a professional organization, where the relationship between patient and the nurse provider is held to the highest standard.

Competency the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines ensures competency of its adbanced nurse practitioners through rigorous training and management education, in order to provide safe and quality care standards. The methodology of instruction of the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines has been honed through years of scientific application, evidenced-based practice and evaluation by top-caliber educators, medical practitioners, and advanced nurse practitioners and has been proven, time and again, as overwhelmingly effective.

Service committed to the growth of its members, the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines ensures satisfaction through quality, patient-oriented service, which will cater to the individual needs of its patients.

Dermatology Aesthetic Nursing

Dermatology Aesthetic Nursing is the art that seeks to understand and to recognize, through holistic and therapeutic approach, self-awareness of vital human skin conditions by promoting a degree of wellness that is geared towards improving quality of life, psychological wellbeing, and social function. Dermatology Aesthetic nursing aims to effectively communicate through patient education for desirable outcomes through internal and external perceptions by promoting positive self-talk.

Dermatology Nurse

The Dermatology Nurse is an advanced nurse practitioner that addresses responsibility and accountability specializing in health promotion, prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and management of skin, hair, nails and its diseases.

Dermatology Aesthetic Nurse

The Dermatology Aesthetic Nurse is an advanced nurse practitioner that has a subspecialty in dermatology nursing that is focused on managing, restoring and enhancing the skin through procedural dermatology, and aesthetic modalities that is meant to improve patient’s appearance rather than treat a disease.

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Code of Ethics

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1. Committee on Bylaws

2. Reference Committee

3. Ethics Committee

4. Committee on Education and Professional Standards

5. Committee on Research and Development

6. Committee on Appropriations

7. Committee on Membership

8. Committee on Communications

9. Nominations and Elections Committee

Advanced Nurse Practitioners Society in Dermatology and Aesthetic

The Advanced Nurse Practitioners Society in Dermatology and Aesthetic is a specialty component of the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines which is composed of certified advanced practitioners in dermatology and aesthetic nursing.

Dermatology Nursing Board of Examiners

The Dermatology Nursing Board of Examiners administers the Certification and Competency Examination of the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines. The Board ensures competency is applied in a core body of specialized knowledge, in dermatology and aesthetic nursing, aligning its principles on the scope of practice and professional nursing standards.

Partnership and Affiliation

A unique partnership with the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines provides a shared social responsibility in developing the professional standards destined by the opportunities and values which becomes an integral part of our vision and mission. To take pride of these advantages, you may reach us through


It is important to note that the different regions are established to provide connections within the local and national level. This will help facilitate networking and information-sharing among our groups and members. If you wish to be recognized, please reach the nearest chapter in your area.


It is of value to learn about what our members have to say about the organization. Share your experience and be a source of inspiration.