Master of Science in Nursing major in Dermatology and Aesthetic


This degree program is designed to develop professional nurses as a specialized role as a dermatology aesthetic nurse though advanced clinical practice, scientific endeavors and community development work using evidence-based skills.

The curriculum aims to produce a fully functioning dermatology aesthetic nurse that is oriented with the adaptation of holistic skills and professional values adamant to the standards of the nursing profession. The dermatology aesthetic nurse must (1) develop a sensitive awareness of the needs of the target population as well as a commitment to the alleviation of accompanying problems that arises there from; (2) work within their professional standards and scope of practice based on each nurse’s education, knowledge, competency, skills, attitude and extent of experience and lawful authority; and (3) be governed by evidence-based, training and research standard operating policy and procedures and clinical practice guidelines or its equivalent.

Learning outcomes:

- apply specialist knowledge of anatomy and physiology used, to the nursing assessment and management of people undergoing dermatological treatments;

- analyze the principles of therapeutic treatments to apply to the delivery of holistic person centered care;

- develop advanced communication skills in order to establish therapeutic relationships with patients, stakeholders and the multidisciplinary team;

- critically reflect upon current practice and learning experiences to promote leadership, knowledge sharing and development of a philosophy of lifelong learning;

- explore the legal, ethical and cultural issues in relation to the nursing care of patients undergoing dermatological procedures;

- critically analyze current literature and nursing practice to provide evidence based contemporary care in the dermatology specialty.

Continuing Professional Development


Our montlhy Continuing Professional Development Programs will ensure competency in your dermatology and aesthetic nursing practice.

Research and Development


Discover how ADANP nurses create, develop, and impact the professional values of the future.



We present to you a digital library of scholarly journals that encompasses a spectrum of the most advanced and recent documents of the 21st century.

Programs, Training and Seminars


ADANP adheres to its vision of producing qualified and competent dermatology aesthetic nurses locally and across the globe. We continue to develop programs, training and seminar-workshop programs that will enhance the professional standards of the advanced nurse practitioners in our country. Envision your future and be part of the growing community of learners.

Certification and Competency Examination


The National Certification and Competency Examination are administered by the Board of Examiners of the Association of Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurses of the Philippines to evaluate the competencies of entry level dermatology and aesthetic nurses in the Philippines. The examinations cover topics from dermatology nursing principles to dermatology nursing clinical practices.



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