Membership Categories


ADANP shall be composed of organizations and individuals who have member or affiliate associate status. Member status is granted to the organizations meeting the criteria of the consensus assembly of aesthetic practice. Affiliate status is available for organizations meeting the criteria for organizational affiliates. Both member and affiliate status are available for individuals.

The curriculum aims to produce a fully functioning dermatology aesthetic nurse that is oriented with the adaptation of holistic skills and professional values adamant to the standards of the nursing profession. The dermatology aesthetic nurse must (1) develop a sensitive awareness of the needs of the target population as well as a commitment to the alleviation of accompanying problems that arises there from; (2) work within their professional standards and scope of practice based on each nurse’s education, knowledge, competency, skills, attitude and extent of experience and lawful authority; and (3) be governed by evidence-based, training and research standard operating policy and procedures and clinical practice guidelines or its equivalent.

Types of Membership:

1. Individual Membership

1.1. Basic Membership - is open to any licensed Registered Nurse currently practicing in the field of dermatology and aesthetic or has an interest in dermatology and aesthetic nursing practice;

1.2. Regular Membership - is conferred upon a registered nurse who has undergone the required post-graduate training program or its equivalent CPD and has paid the required fee for the current year;

1.3. Life Membership - is conferred upon a registered nurse who has undergone the required post-graduate training program or its equivalent CPD and has been a regular member for five (5) consecutive years and who shall have paid the required fees;

1.4. Emeritus Membership - is conferred upon registered nurse, who has rendered distinguished service to the Association in the attainment of its goals subject to the approval of the Board of Governors;

1.5. Associate Membership - is conferred upon associate health care professionals/allied health care individuals, and non-nursing/medicine practitioners who has taken equivalency training and upon compliance of requirements for membership.

2. Institutional Membership - is conferred upon compliance ofrequirements/training of the members and institutional board.


Membership Benefits


Each individual member shall be entitled to:

1. Display a certificate of membership/accreditation from ADANP;

2. Access to ADANP news journal;

3. Access to ADANP CPD programs, seminars and workshops;

4. Access to Philippine Professional Nursing Practice Standards for Dermatology and Aesthetic;

5. Educational Programs-Local and International:

6. Health Insurance Benefits;

7. Certification and Competency Examinations;

8. Awards, Scholarship and Grants;

9. Communication and Networking:

10. National Conventions;

11. Hold voting seats in the Membership Assembly;

12. Submit reference propositions, policies and bylaws amendments for consideration by ADANP;

13. Submit the names of nominees for ADANP elective and appointive positions in accordance with provisions of these bylaws and applicable policies of the republic;

14. A just trial among the regulating board before any disciplinary action is taken.


Membership Fees

Basic PHP 600
Regular PHP 1500
Life PHP 5000
Associate PHP 400

Becoome a Member


When you join ADANP you become an integral part of the growing advanced nurse practitioners in dermatology and aesthetic providing safe, effective and competent patient care. Join the ADANP online or Print an application form here.